E-Learning & Other Sources


This section offers selected online courses through various online education providers. Most of the courses listed here are free. Simply click on the “Enrol” button on the selected course page to start learning.

Courses with a course fee indicated are chargeable, and learners may receive an e-certificate and have full access to resources. For more information, please check out edX, Udemy, IFL.

Drawing for Kids: Learn How to Draw Cartoons Step-by-Step

Seniors will learn ...

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Give Your Best Care: A Caregiver's Survival Guide

Seniors will learn methods on how to ...

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How Stress leads to Heart Attack and Cardiac Arrest

Seniors will learn how to detect heart ...

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Healthy Cooking Fundamentals

There are a three key skills that most home-cooks ...

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Types of Health Insurance

Seniors will learn about CPF insurance schemes, limitations ...

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Basic Steps in Financial Retirement

Seniors will learn about the importance of planning early ...

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Fundamentals of Share Investing

Seniors will learn about appraisal and fundamental ...

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Beware of SCAMS

Seniors will learn to make sense of internet bank security such ...

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The Science of Everyday Thinking

We will explore the psychology of our everyday thinking ...

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The Science of Happiness

We all want to be happy, and there are countless ideas ...

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Introduction to Health and Wellness

From stress management and sleep to overall ...

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Becoming an Entrepreneur

Becoming an Entrepreneur will provide you with ...

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This section is a compilation of videos on topics ranging from finance, health & wellness, TCM, life skills to positive ageing. Enjoy these bite-sized videos from various organisations such as MoneySENSE, Institute for Financial Literacy, Renhai Clinic and Lifelong Learning Council by simply clicking on the “play” icon. You can also select from the NSA playlist by clicking the “playlist” icon on the top left corner of the video screen.


PA Senior Academy

The People’s Association Senior Academy (SA) aims to encourage more seniors, 50 years old and above, to pursue lifelong learning aspirations and lead an active lifestyle. Senior Academy offers a wide array of accessible and affordable senior-friendly programme to enable seniors to be socially, mentally and economically active.

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RSVP Singapore – The Organisation of Senior Volunteers (RSVP)

RSVP Singapore conducts various IT courses to promote lifelong learning and basic IT skills among seniors, with the help of volunteer seniors teaching other seniors. Over the years, RSVP's Cyberguide volunteers have trained thousands of seniors at the RSVP Infocomm Centre at RSVP's premises.

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NTUC U Live Community

Initiated by the Labour Movement and established in 2009, U Live is a vibrant community that engages mature workers and active agers to lead a better quality of life in their golden years. U Live strongly advocates for ageless workplaces, fair employment practices, lifelong learning opportunities, healthy living and positive ageing to encourage active agers to ...

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